B-2 Electronic Digital Assembly Lifecycle

he Dick & Don Demo of the B-2 Electronic Digital Assembly ... click for Video

On July 17, 1989, B-2 Air Vehicle 1, "Spirit of America," became first to fly without physical masters and mockups.  Three weeks later, on August 11, a key demonstration of the B-2 Electronic Digital Assembly and supporting 2D/3D Data Base was given to Dick Chaney, then Secretary of Defense (Secroduct DeveDef), and his new number 2, Don Atwood, who had just joined as Undersecretary of Defense for Procurement.  Jeff Mirich, now Disney Studios CIO, was one of the visionary, collaborative, young leaders, who enabled modular product development of across Northrop, Boeing, Vought partners with a dual view Product Structure, later termed with BOD-BOM-BOP in the General Motors System Engineered Product Development process.

The Physical Bill of Design (BOD) Section-Zone-Installation Assembly of Modular BOM Configuration Items (CI's) into an Air Vehicle Assembly Structure (VAS) of Sections-Zones-Installation Assembly structure.  The visual "Skeletal Schematic" structure of Northrop's internal NCAD system was learned from GM's "Visual Index" in its internal CADENCE system.  The Skeletal Schematic went a step beyond to capture "pre-Part" Interface Criteria Definition (ICD) and Envelope data framework into which Detail Parts would "Install."

The Modular BOM System-Subsystem-Modular Configuration Item (CI)-Component structure and connective system topology across the multiple modules of the of the world's largest flying computer systems, surpassing the Space Shuttle at the time.